Greetings my Global Gainers! How are you doing?

I wish you all a blessed new month filled with gains, gains and more GAINS in abundance lol! (Physically, mentally, spiritually and financially!)

We all have a rough idea of where we would want to see ourselves within the next few years; some people want bigger muscles, some want to lose weight, some want to be able to bench press 100 KG and some want to make £100Gs.

Life would be so much easier if our goals could be accomplished by just envisioning them in our heads, however that’s not how things work!

The first step to working towards your goals is by being SMART. I will break down what SMART stands for.

You want to be as (S) specific as possible, leaving no space for confusion and vagueness.

After that, you need to assess whether the goals are (M) measurable and (A) achievable. Will you be able evaluate and compare your progression en route to your goals?

Once you’ve got that sorted, you need to decide whether your goal is (R) realistic, has it been done before? and is it physically possible? You can’t say you want to be an Olympic diver tomorrow but you don’t know how to swim.

Finally, you need to break down your goal into mini goals and assign each one with a (T) time limit. Working towards a date will keep you motivated and will help you to be more efficient with time. Once you have your SMART goals figured out, then you are ready to implement them with ACTION!

Nobody is perfect, I myself have some rough goals in my head that need to be drafted into a plan, but as one of my favourite sayings state “BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!”

This is the first day of the seventh month, let’s not live the second half of the year in regret!

If you need any help with setting fitness goals or if you want to share some tips on setting goals then please contact me.

Email: javen@globalgainsgroup.com
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It’s the second half of the year, so let’s get them GAINS!!
I am taking on new clients, if you want to achieve results when it comes your physical fitness, lets get to work

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